Care of your opals

Care of your opals

Australian solid opals will never be damaged or altered by water, however the seal between doublets can be loosened by water, so it’s best to avoid wearing whilst swimming or taking a shower. 

It’s advisable to avoid harsh chemicals while wearing your jewellery.

Clean your opals using a bowl of water, some mild detergent and a soft toothbrush to get behind the stones. Do not scrub too hard as you could scratch the stone. Dry gently using a soft dry cloth.

Opals are a relatively soft stone, so take care to remove the piece when doing gardening, housework etc. Any practice that may result in it getting knocked against a hard surface.

Care tips

  • Store your pieces so that they don’t rub up against other pieces
  • Always put on your jewellery last to avoid getting perfume, make up etc on your stones.
  • Never use bleach while wearing your jewellery, bleach can cause damage to precious metals.
  • Do not use Bicarbonate of soda or toothpaste to clean your jewellery as this can dull the polish on your opals.