Hello and Welcome to my website. 

My love of opals goes way back to when I was a child; I remember seeing what I now know was a glorious black opal pin fire ring and being completely mesmerised by it. It was many years later when I finally discovered what it was.

Ignite started around Christmas 2017 when my husband brought me a parcel of rough opals and encouraged me to learn cutting them.  I quickly amassed a large collection of beautiful opals which just sat in a box. I needed to find a way of using these stones, so I began to look at YouTube videos and tutorials and started to learn silversmithing. I enrolled with “Jewellery Training Solutions” and completed their online apprenticeship (highly recommended).

Finally by 2019 I managed to make my 1st sale on Etsy (Woohoo!!).  Since then my work has been ever evolving, trying out new ideas and styles.
I’m very passionate about self belief and encourage anyone, that wants to do something, to go ahead and do it!! It might be in baby steps at first, just make a start on that journey.

I live in Northamptonshire, England with my husband and 4 adorable cats. Creativity has always surrounded me a with my husband being an painter/artist, my daughter who also draws and works with 3D modelling.

Follow me on my journey and let’s see where it takes us!